About Boat Komodo Tour

Boot Komodo Tour owned and operated under authority of PT. Indo Flores Trip. Established on 2007 and has been registered to Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia with number AHU – 023598.AH.01.30.22

Boatkomodotour as boat charter division of Indo Flores Trip, we operate some boats that have classy facilities such as clean rooms, air conditions, snorkeling gears, clean toilet and life jacket with good quality.

Message from Our Director

I was delighted when the company could support some people who join, such as a local guide, Car driver, hotel and restaurant employees and local ship owners. One booking brings good luck for many people. I am happy when everyone smile after receiving jobs from tourism activities. Children’s of our employees can go to school and buy new clothes from their work.

Thank you for joining us:)

Benedictus Douk, SE Managing Director